It's been a bit since I was really wanting to see a movie, the more I see previews for 300 the less patience I have for it to actually come out.



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So, zprime set me up to post here a long time ago - I commented once and that was it. After noticing that zprime had taken a year off of posting - I realised that being the more vocal of the two of us I should probably start contributing. That and lots of people yelling at me for pics of D. They will be coming soon.

I am not saying that in the past year I could have done any better. Having a 1yr old is very time consuming. I hope in the future we do post more - D has a regular bed time and we have a pretty good schedule going so hopefully in the next year zprime and I will be a little more talkative.

Also, I have found another purpose for the blog - Monthly gathering menus will be published here - I will probably continue to email that for a little while.