From the wtf were they thinking file.......

I just saw this on google news:
Nintendo Revolution Controller

Maybe I'm a loser but one of the things I've always liked about Nintendo was overall the layout of the controller was the same dating back to the days of the original NES. Admittedly they've added buttons through the ages but the basics were always there. This new controller is wierd, and all I can say right now is 'No sir, I don't like it.'


Few updates

I've added a few links, if I've forgot yours leave a comment and I'll think about adding it.

Last night I received the bulb/ballast/mogul for my PJ, so that will start being constructed in the near future.


I'm back b*tches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The summer is almost over the move is (more or less done) and I have way more projects than time.
On the project list:
- Sell stuff I don't need/use/or can make money on, on ebay (mostly comics, Magic cards, and computer stuff....the goal being to fund the next project)
- Build a lumenlab style projector.
- Fix hideous "avacado" colored chair that we bought at duanekeys
- Fix rocker from Katie's family
- Build a vanity for Katie
- Convert old fridge to uber-kegerator
- at least 5 other things that slip my mind at the moment

As you can see I've moved

I got really tired of fighting all the spam so I've moved to blogspot.