Goood Evening

Well as I sit here are almost midnight...at work...I realize that while once staying up all night was cool it no longer is. I have suspected this since the birth of the D, but now I know for certain. At the moment I have 3 machines in various states of updating.

The projector is nearly complete. I have two hold ups at the moment 1 they haven't sent me my bloody speakers yet, 2 though I have now been fighting gravity for more than a quarter of a century it is having a negative effect on my projection lense that will have to be compensated for.

Other than that not much going on.


Logan's Road House vs. Texas Road House

I thought I'd try out for laziest blogger.....but apparently that takes more lazy than I got.

We recently tried the two new "Road Houses" here in the Spring-town.
Over all I was kinda put off by the Texas Road House my first attempt to go was to lunch during the week. Unfortunately they don't open until 4 PM during the week (Strike 1). Second attempt they were fairly busy so I went up to put my name in and was promptly ignored (being the impatient sort I decided we'd go elsewhere, which actually lead to our visit to Logan's...and Strike 2). The third attempt we finally got in, overall everything was okay, not great I got the standard zprime meal steak, steak fries, and a salad. The steak and fries were satisfactory, not the best I've had but also not the worst (not so bad I won't eat there again), the salad on the other hand I won't get again, the dressing was good (1K island), the croutons were okay, but the lettuce and eggs were rubbery. The waitress did a good job, and if the other wait staff is as attentive and helpful they'll be in good shape. We did have to wait for a seat in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday (because we had the D with us and wanted a high chair we had to wait for a short table.) Overall based on closeness to our home and the food, I won't have a problem eating there on occassion, but it's not someplace that I'll ever say that I absolutely have to eat there now.

Logan's Road House (after my failed/aborted second attemt at the TRH) was pretty good. I ordered steak, some sort of potato (can't remember if I got fries or baked), and cinamon apples. The steak was good, again not the best not the worst, of the 2 though Logan's was better. The sides were both exellent. We did have a long wait from seating to eating but not terrible. Also of the pair Logan's menu was much more extensive than TRH's. Of the two I'd go to Logan's more often than TRH.

For those that are curious the atmosphere was the same at both. Buckets of peanuts (in the shell, drop the shell on the floor). Fairly loud country music. Both had "free" rolls before the meal(again Logan's were better).

Coming soon posts from the wife!!!